Aspect of Infinity

Type Aether Damage
Aspect Points Required 1

Aspect of Infinity is an Aspect in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, the Aspect of Infinity focuses on executing Aether damages that allows the character to use time and space against enemies. Using an aspect allows the player's character to temporarily transform into a pristine being or apocalyptic form, once you've filled up the meter with Primordial Essence, press [R], and you'll shift into your apocalyptic form.


Aspect of Infinity Information

The fabric of the world bends under his will, warping his enemies into cracks in space and time. The divine powers of Anulai-Tai were born from a need to fight existential power, and from that day he was the one to cast fear upon others, contorting the bodies of his opponents with gravitational shifts.



Aspect of Infinity Abilties

  • Biorhytmic Missiles: Auto-targeting projectiles that deal Aether damage and generate points of Entropy.
  • Calamitous Paradox: Launch a projectile of unstable existential energy that pierces enemies, dealing Aether damage. If the skill is reactivated or the projectile collides with your clone, the projectile explodes. This ability consumes Points of Entropy to deal increased damage.
  • Inevitable Obsolescence: While channeling this skill, select targets to eradicate. After selecting a sufficient number of targets, fire out beams made from the fabric of time, dealing Aether damage and generating Points of Entropy.
  • Spatial Warp: Tear a hole in time and space and obliterate all enemies in front of you with a huge beam of Aether damage. This skill increases in power and size over time.
  • Parallel Convergence: Create a clone of yourself at the cursor location which will copy your skills. Reactivating this skill allows you to swap position with your clone.



How to acquire Aspect of Infinity

  • Near the end of Chapter 1, you'll be given the chance to unlock this aspect if you choose to do so.
  • You can also unlock this aspect later on in the game by using (1) Aspect Point.



Aspect of Infinity Notes & Tips

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