Aspect of War

Type Fire Damage
Aspect Points Required 1

Aspect of War is an Aspect in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, the Aspect of War focuses on executing Fire damages to scorch its foes in fire which deals with continuous frenzy attacks. Using an aspect allows the player's character to temporarily transform into a pristine being or apocalyptic form, once you've filled up the meter with Primordial Essence, press [R], and you'll shift into your apocalyptic form.


Aspect of War Information

Many of the Fallen indulge in the joys of destruction, but Baäpheth aims for something higher: strategy combined with skill in the service of absolute conquest. He splits the battlefield in twain with the flames of war, dispatching enemies in large swaths. All who stand in the way must fall before his violent ambitions.



Aspect of War Abilties

  • Frenzy Attacks: Attacks with an increased range that deal Fire damage. Attack speed increases with stacks of Frenzy.
  • Unflinching Assault: Slam the ground in a cone in front of you, dealing Fire damage. Each use of this skill generates a stack of Frenzy. The casting time of this skill is reduced with stacks of Frenzy.
  • Scorching Obelisk of War: Summon a powerful pillar of flame that deals Fire damage over time. This skill consumes all current stacks of Frenzy to deal increased damage.
  • Strife of Baäpheth: Unleash a blade of flame, dealing Fire damage in a long line. This skill can be charged; each stage increases damage and area of effect.
  • Charge of the First Warrior: Charge furiously towards the cursor location, dealing Fire damage in your wake. On arrival, deal damage around you in an explosion.



How to acquire Aspect of War

  • Near the end of Chapter 1, you'll be given the chance to unlock this aspect if you choose to do so.
  • You can also unlock this aspect later on in the game by using (1) Aspect Point.



Aspect of War Notes & Tips

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