Backline Raider

Backline Raider
Branch Sentinel
  • +50% Attack Speed Score
  • +50% Spell Casting Speed Score

Backline Raider in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a Major Passive Skill and part of the Sentinel branch. Major Passive Skills can provide or modify abilities as well as other stats causing a big impact in playstyle. They are unique to each branch.


"We move on horseback but we strike on foot. They should never hear us coming, for if they do we face certain death. By the time they realize they are getting flanked, we should already be back to our mounts and going. I don't want anyone playing hero on this squad.


Backline Raider Information

  • Backline Raider is part of the Sentinel branch.
  • Unlocking this Passive Skill provides the following bonuses:
    • +50% Attack Speed Score
    • +50% Spell Casting Speed Score


Backline Raider Requirements

  • In order to unlock Backline Raider you must first unlock one of the following Passive Skills:


Backline Raider Build



Backline Raider Notes

  • Passive Skills provide different bonuses by having them unlocked
  • Passive Skills are divided in different branches of the Passive Skill Tree.
  • To unlock a Passive Skill, players must first unlock another one linked to it in the tree.



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