Your ability to use the Cursed Ailment effectively. Cursed reduces resistances on an enemy so you deal more damage to them. Cursed can be stacked up to your maximum Ailments stacks number.

Cursed is a Status Ailment in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. The Cursed effect is an occult ailment that inflicts Shadow damage and reduces the resistances on the target. Status Ailments are the various negative effects that are applied to both players and enemies in battle, these ailments can be inflicted by a player through their skills, attacks, and equipped gear.


How to Cure Cursed

  • ???



Active Skills that inflict Cursed

Players can use the following active skills or activate the following modifiers to certain skills to execute Frost damage that inflicts the Cursed effect:



Passive Skills that boost Cursed

The following Passive Skills listed below boosts the effect of Cursed such as increasing its duration, speed, damage, stacks, and chance:



Equipment that boosts Cursed



Status Ailments
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