(2-5) Rage Conservation Time

25% All Damage on Attacks with this weapon

(25-30)% Material Damage on Attacks with this weapon

(20-40) Ferocity

(120-140)-(200-220) Physical Damage on Attacks with this weapon

Edgy is a unique Weapon in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Weapons in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem are the player's primary offensive option to inflict damage on Enemies and Bosses and come in varied applications.



Big Bill was a blacksmith's apprentice. But repairing horses’ irons bored him, he dreamed about being as an evil-slashing hero with the sharpest axe the world had ever known. The blacksmithing prodigy got to work, every night he would hammer hard at the anvil, shaping his lethal ambitions into an axe he would call ‘Edgy’.\n\nRumor has it that Big Bill accidentally beheaded himself at night while training in the backyard. Yet, Edgy remains as a deadly work of art.



Edgy Information

  • Quality: Unique
  • Type: Battleaxes
  • Required Level: 5
  • Value: 271
  • Builds: ??
  • Good against: ??



Edgy Location/Acquire

  • ??






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