Enneract: Duskshroud

Active Skill Duskshroud
Required Level __level__

Enneract: Duskshroud is an Enneract in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Enneracts are used to learn new Active Skills or gain Primordial Affinity Points. These can be found in various ways such as enemy or boss drops, inside crates/chests, and are sold by the Archivist.



 Enneract: Duskshroud Use and Effect

  • Effect:
    • When consumed, the character will learn the Duskshroud
  • If the player already knows the active skill and consumes Enneract: Duskshroud, it will acquire Primordial Affinity Points instead. The amount of Affinity Points gained depends on how the Enneract was acquired. If it was looted it will provide 100 Primordial Affinity Points and if it was purcahsed it will only provide 10 Affinity Points.



How to Find Enneract: Duskshroud

  • Can be purchased from the Archivist.
  • Can be dropped from enemy or bosses or be found inside crates/chests.



Enneract: Duskshroud Notes & Tips

  • Notes & Tips






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