Envy's Denial


(2-5) Rage Conservation Time

(120-140)-(200-220) Fire Damage on Attacks with this weapon

(4-6)% Life Leech on Burning Target

(20-25)% Additional Damage against Frozen Targets

(30-40)% Burn Chance Score when dealing Fire Damage

Envy's Denial is a unique Weapon in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Weapons in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem are the player's primary offensive option to inflict damage on Enemies and Bosses and come in varied applications.



Abanazaar considered his sister’s plea. As dawn peaked on the horizon, a complex emotion of wonderment and hunger led to his realization: her sins were not his own, and so he refused to let go of his existence. He wanted the sun for himself, his decision confirming the beginning of his descent into madness.

He did not speak to voice his refusal. Gazing deep into his sister’s eyes, the air itself started to catch fire from the intensity of his determination. As the immortal flames came in contact with her ice-cold skin, the sparks froze and fell to the ground. This sword was forged from one of those immortal embers.



Envy's Denial Information

  • Quality: Unique
  • Type: Swords
  • Required Level: 10
  • Value: 263
  • Builds: ??
  • Good against: ??



Envy's Denial Location/Acquire

  • ??






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