Feast of Cankers

Type Spaulders

(11-14) Wisdom
(-30--25)% to Summons Health
(25-30)% to Damage dealt by Summons
(25-30)% Toxic Damage
(35-37)% Force Shield Regeneration Rate
(200-400) Force Shield

Feast of Cankers is a unique Armor piece in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Armor in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem consists of six types: Helmets, Chest Pieces, Spaulders, Gauntlets, Pants, and Boots. They can provide a wide range of bonuses to your characters.

Each armor piece has different qualities, from common, rare to unique. In order to equip certain pieces of armor, your character needs to reach it's required level.



As a boy, Kiraan the Plaguebringer visited the terminally ill in Prestwich. Under the guise of compassion, he would drape his overcoat over their plague-wracked bodies, and listen to their mundane stories as disease imbued the garment. He began his first experimentations on the nature of pestilence with those samples. Now, as a masterful necromancer, he wants to suspend the whole of humanity in that malady. Sustained with undead energy, the sick would live on in eternal torture as their bodies turn gangrenous. An endless source of desperation to feed Kiraan’s patron, the ever-hungering Bezeriel, Fallen Archduke of Doom.



Feast of Cankers Information

  • Price: ??
  • Required Level: 65
  • Builds: ??
  • Good against: ??



Feast of Cankers Location/Acquire

  • ??






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