Lex Filianis

Type Amulets

(10-25) Wisdom
(30-40)% Burn Chance Score when dealing Fire Damage
(400-600) Maximum Health
5% Life Leech from Fire Damage
5% Damage from Burning Enemies
5% Damage against Burning Enemies

Lex Filianis is a unique Accessory in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Accessories can give your characters a wide range of bonuses from Occult Damage, Resistance Scores, and Rage Generation, etc. Characters can equip two rings, one amulet and one belt at the same time.



The nameless one awoke in the middle of smoking rubble, confused yet untouched by the fires. Bodies everywhere, dried and tangled. All ornaments had burned away, but for a glint of gold in a cadaver’s fist. It was a medallion, upon closer examination, pulsing with a furious energy. He felt his chest thrum with rage again, when the shadow spirit that had soothed him reappeared. This amulet, she told him, was a symbol of those he had hurt. So long as he carried it, he should remember not to do harm.



Lex Filianis Information

  • Price: 
  • ??



Lex Filianis Location/Acquire

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