O'Maley's Lucky Belt

Type Belts
Required Level 65

(15-20)% Ailment Chance Score
(15-20)% Passive Dodge Chance Score
20 to All Attributes
(15-20)% Attack Critical Chance Score
(15-20)% Spell Critical Chance Score
(40-50)% Magic Find

O'Maley's Lucky Belt is a unique Accessory in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Accessories can give your characters a wide range of bonuses from Occult Damage, Resistance Scores, and Rage Generation, etc. Characters can equip two rings, one amulet and one belt at the same time.



O’Maley had collected lucky charms his whole life, attaching them to his belt so that he could become the luckiest man alive. And he did. It’s only on his deathbed when his last servant slipped on a sock and broke his neck, that he realized that luck is always balanced.

For him to be so fortuitous, others around him had to be severely unlucky. All the people that he cherished eventually got hurt and died due to the vacuum of luck that this belt would create around him.



O'Maley's Lucky Belt Information

  • Value: 235 
  • ??



O'Maley's Lucky Belt Location/Acquire

  • ??





High Potency Neural Cord  ♦  Lex Filianis  ♦  Maelström  ♦  Mark of the Blackstaff  ♦  Paradox  ♦  Sagarnäris  ♦  Sani's Stash  ♦  Seal of the Arbiter  ♦  Searing Reverie  ♦  Seven Sisters' Pact  ♦  Shadowcall  ♦  The Trial  ♦  Thirst  ♦  Three Crowns Brooch  ♦  Voidforged Endeavour


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