Type Belts

(50-100) Force Shield
(20-40) Wisdom
(200-400) Force Shield
(15-20)% Passive Dodge Chance Score
(30-50)% Attack Speed Score
(15-17)% Spell Casting Speed Score
Using a Movement Skill cleanses you of Crowd Control effects. Has a Cooldown of (15-17)s

Paradox is a unique Accessory in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Accessories can give your characters a wide range of bonuses from Occult Damage, Resistance Scores, and Rage Generation, etc. Characters can equip two rings, one amulet and one belt at the same time.



I know how you kill,
know where you worship,
know who you are,
Because you were me.



Paradox Information

  • Price: 
  • Required Level: 65



Paradox Location/Acquire

  • ??






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