Phantom Blades


Throw a spinning dual-blade in a line in front of you that damages enemies caught in its path.

Attack: Only usable with daggers, bows, and pistols.

Skill Tags: Attack, Projectile, Rogue.

  • Avg. Damage: 2015
  • Freeze Chance: 10.0%
  • Freeze Duration: 1.5s

Phantom Blades is an Active Skill in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. This skill can only be used with daggers, bows, and pistols. Active skills are special attacks that can be executed in battle, most of the active skills are used to inflict damage against enemies and foes, as well as providing various buffs to the player's character and its allies.


Hephaäron, Maestre of Industry, forged Omeagram, The First Double Bladed Sword, to push humans to their limits in terms of grace and agility. Manipulating this weapon can be as deadly as for its wielder as it is for their foes.


Phantom Blades Information

  • Maximum Charges: 2
  • Charge(s) gained with time: 1 every 4.0s
  • Resource Consuming Time: 0.1s
  • Range: 15m
  • Average Damage: 2015
  • Total Damage: 1486 - 2544
  • Physical Damage: 763 - 973
  • Frost Damage: 711 - 1532
  • Lightning Damage: 11 - 39
  • Freeze Chance: 10.0%
  • Freeze Duration: 1.5s


Phantom Blades Requirements

  • Only usable with daggers, bows, and pistols
  • Skill Points required: ??


Phantom Blades Modifiers

Vorpal Blades

(Level 5)
Effect: Increases damage. Avg. Damage: +236


Needles in Perpetuity

(Level 5)
Effect: Increases Ailment damage.


Loyalty of the Blades

(Level 8)
Effect: Reduces reload time for charges.


Cut through the Aether

(Level 11)
Effect: Teleport to the projectile's location on re-cast.


Immobilizing Bola

(Level 14)
Effect: Projectile immobilizes enemies.


Noxious Contamination

(Level 17)
Effect: Converts base Physical damage to Toxic damage. Applies an additional stack when inflicting Poison.


Bladed Blizzard

(Level 20)
Effect: Converts base Physical damage to Frost Damage.


Thick Edges

(Level 23)
Effect: Increases the area of effect.


Butterfly's Eye

(Level 26)
Effect: Increases the critical chance.



(Level 29)
Effect: The projectile circles around the cursor's location.



(Level 32)
Effect: Can hold 1 additional charge.



(Level 35)
Effect: Increases damage.


Gliding Friction

(Level 38)
Effect: Leaves a trail for a few seconds that deals damage.


Looming Fog of Battle

(Level 41)
Effect: Transmits Ailment stacks from one target to the next.


Gutting Wheel

(Level 44)
Effect: Increases critical damage.


Death's Last Day

(Level 47)
Effect: Projectile causes the first enemy it hits to explode after a few seconds, dealing damage in an area of effect.


 Phantom Blades Builds





Notes and Tips

  • Players use multiple skills from 2 different attack types at the same time.
  • Skills can be leveled up by constantly using it in battle which increases its potency and as well as unlocking skill modifiers. Apart from that, you can also level up your skills by using Primordial Affinity which can be purchased from Demetra.




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