Scorching Obelisk of War

Related Aspect: Aspect of War
Avg. Damage: 3587

Scorching Obelisk of War is an Aspect Ability in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, it is one of the abilities found in the Aspect: Aspect of War. Using an aspect allows the player's character to temporarily transform into a pristine being or apocalyptic form and to conjure apocalyptic abilities, once you've filled up the meter with Primordial Essence, press [R], and you'll shift into your apocalyptic form.


War inevitably brings destruction. For Baäpheth, there is no collateral damage, only reinforced dominance.


Scorching Obelisk of War Information

  • Summon a powerful pillar of flame that deals Fire damage over time.
  • This skill consumes all current stacks of Frenzy to deal increased damage.
  • Average Damage: 3587



How to acquire Scorching Obelisk of War



Scorching Obelisk of War Notes & Tips

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