Seal of the Arbiter

Type Rings
Required Level 65

(-25--20)% Attack Speed
(50-60)% Melee Weapon Damage
(15-25) Ferocity
(30-40)% Attacks Critical Damageage

Seal of the Arbiter is a unique Accessory in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Accessories can give your characters a wide range of bonuses from Occult Damage, Resistance Scores, and Rage Generation, etc. Characters can equip two rings, one amulet and one belt at the same time.



Isolated far east of the Four Realms of Men, the frontier city-state of Gomora is infamously known for being the only settlement that openly welcomes evil worshippers. The champions in charge of keeping them in check are known as Arbiters and receive a powerful onyx ring as a symbol of their absolute judgements.



Seal of the Arbiter Information

  • Value: 234
  • ??



Seal of the Arbiter Location/Acquire

  • ??





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