Your ability to use the Shock Ailment effectively. Shocking inflicts Lightning Damage to shocked enemies in a small area around your target. It can be stacked up to your maximum Ailments stacks number.

Shock is a Status Ailment in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. The Shock effect is an elemental ailment that damages enemies through lightning in a small area around the target. Status Ailments are the various negative effects that are applied to both players and enemies in battle, these ailments can be inflicted by a player through their skills, attacks, and equipped gear.


How to Cure Shock

  • ???



Active Skills that inflict Shock

Players can use the following active skills or activate the following modifiers to certain skills to execute Frost damage that inflicts the Shock effect:



Passive Skills that boost Shock

The following Passive Skills listed below boosts the effect of Shock such as increasing its duration, speed, damage, stacks, and chance:



Equipment that boosts Shock



Status Ailments
Bleed  ♦  Burn  ♦  Cursed  ♦  Freeze  ♦  Poison  ♦  Stasis  ♦  Stun  ♦  Weakness


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