Region Galathä Vales

Stormfall is a Location in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem.  As a mysterious mist envelops the lower rings of Stormfall, citizens and refugees alike are fearful and desperate. But the gates to the upper ring remain closed and the nobles secure their own supplies as unrest threatens to turn into chaos.

"One must feel for the peasants as they flock desperately to our homes in the upper ring. However, to let them enter would doom the entire city. It is better for us to survive than no-one at all"


 Stormfall Information

  • Boss: ??
  • Notable items: ??
  • Secrets: ??
  • Merchants: ??


NPCs at Stormfall

  • ??


Quests related to Stormfall

  • ??


Stormfall Map



Stormfall Notes & Tips

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  • Other notes...






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