Stormfall Institute (West)

Project Requirements: n/a
Total Costs: 200,000 Gold
6,000 Productivity Pts.
5,000 Primordial Affinity

Stormfall Institute (West) is a Building in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Buildings are only available once the Champion of Stormfall endgame mode has been unlocked, this can be done by completing all three acts of Wolcen's campaign. Constructing and completing projects for a building allows a player to unlock new gameplay features such as a fifth skill slot, more personal stash tabs, the final Aspect of Apocalypse, and many more.


Stormfall Institute (West) Information

The Stormfall Institute was once home to the best and brightest minds that Stormfall had to offer. With the recent discovery of the primordial technology in Anankis, the work usually conducted by the Institute seems more pressing than ever. The West Wing has always focused on research into ancient power sources.

Renovations are ready to be carried out on the West Wing of the Institute. Aside from the rebuilding efforts, a number of Stormfall’s scientists are eager to begin studying anything found in the depths of Anankis. To this end, they implore you to send another expedition into Anankis to provide them with new ancient power sources to study. After all, what use are a bunch of scientists with nothing to look at?

Renovations have been completed on the West Wing of the Stormfall Institute. The expedition into Anankis was able to find plenty of Primordial power sources for the scientists to pour their minds over. There was something else as well, a metal tablet, symbols inscribed over its surface. No one knew what they meant, or had the means of deciphering them... But you, did you remember seeing such a thing before? When you looked at it for yourself, you felt the tablet's meaning reach out to you.



Stormfall Institute (West) Projects

  • Renovate Institute (West)
    • Outcomes:
      • Unlocks the 5th Skill Slot



Stormfall Institute (West) Upgrades

  •  n/a



Stormfall Institute (West) Notes & Tips

  • Players will need to complete a turn for it to be added to the project's Productivity. In order to complete a turn, a player will need to successfully complete an Activity such as Mandates or Expeditions, the harder the challenge, the more Productivity will be added to the active Project. If the player fails to complete the activity, the Turn will not pass.
  • To check an activity, go to the Mandates Board or the Expeditions Map and select an Activity to participate in. The board and map are next to Thunderblade Zalahir.




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