The Heat of Battle

The Heat of Battle
Branch Soldier
  • +25 Rage per hit taken

The Heat of Battle in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a Major Passive Skill and part of the Soldier branch. Major Passive Skills can provide or modify abilities as well as other stats causing a big impact in playstyle. They are unique to each branch.


"If you take a hit, you hit 'em back twice. One to take 'em out, and the other to ***** up their corpse.


The Heat of Battle Information

  • The Heat of Battle is part of the Soldier branch.
  • Unlocking this Passive Skill provides the following bonuses:
    • +25 Rage per hit taken


The Heat of Battle Requirements


The Heat of Battle Builds



The Heat of Battle Notes

  • Passive Skills provide different bonuses by having them unlocked
  • Passive Skills are divided in different branches of the Passive Skill Tree.
  • To unlock a Passive Skill, players must first unlock another one linked to it in the tree.



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