The Macksfesten Enneract


Attacks gain (25-30)% Damage from the last Spell Cast. The Damage Type is the same as the last Spell Cast

(30-40)% Occult Ailment Chance Score

(30-50)% Occult Damage

(20-30)% Willpower Regeneration

(20-40) Wisdom

The Macksfesten Enneract is a unique Weapon in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Weapons in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem are the player's primary offensive option to inflict damage on Enemies and Bosses and come in varied applications.



A tsunami in the Baktoraï Archipelago unearthed a long-dormant cave network of shifting golden metal that was neither manmade nor natural. Oliver Macksfesten, the intrepid explorer, found this artifact on his first expedition, an enneract hundreds of times more powerful than any other.

Too volatile to be converted into energy, it was sold to the Cabal of Illumination for research. An Ascended attempted to absorb its power, but the raw energy burst their body into fleshy chunks. Its aura of magic can empower any sorceror daring enough to wield it.



The Macksfesten Enneract Information

  • Quality: Unique
  • Type: Catalysts
  • Builds: ??
  • Good against: ??



The Macksfesten Enneract Location/Acquire

  • ??






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