Unfettered Determination

Unfettered Determination
Main Skill Bladestorm
Required Lvl 17
Modifier Points 3
Bonus Can be held to prolong the duration of the skill

Unfettered Determination in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a Skill Modifier for the Bladestorm skill. Skill Modifiers can be equipped on Active Skills to modify their Stats or provide bonus effects.


Hephaäron learned of a rare material, Shiganite, that was as strong as Primordial metal, less brittle but more dense. He collected some of this unique ore from the high mountains of Wolcen and started work in his cliffside workshop. In his forge, Hephaäron soon discovered the metal was extremely unstable; to maintain its integrity, he created a long blade with a Shiganite core and a thick Primordial metal outer layer, which came to be known as Voknafein, The First Greatsword.


Unfettered Determination Information

  • Unfettered Determination can be equipped to modify the Bladestorm skill
  • Equipping this Skill Modifier provide the following bonuses:
    • Can be held to prolong the duration of the skill


Unfettered Determination Requirements

  • Bladestorm must be level 17 or above to use this Skill Modifier.
  • Requires 3 free Modifier Points to be equipped.


Builds that use Unfettered Determination

  • Build 1
  • Build 2


Unfettered Determination Notes

  • Each Modifier Skill requires a certain free amount of Modifier Points to be equipped.
  • You can easily notice if you have enough points to equip a skill modifier by their color. If they are red you don't have enough points. If they are blue you have enough points.
  • More than one Skill Modifier can be equipped if enough Modifier Points are available
  • Skill Modifier Points are determined by the Active Skill Level.
  • Each Active Skill has 16 Skill Modifiers. They unlock at levels: 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29, 32, 35, 38, 41, 44 and 47.
  • Combining different Skill Modifiers can greatly benefit certain playstyles.




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