Voidforged Endeavour

Type Rings
Effects 25% Occult Ailment Chance Score
(200-400) Force Shield
(30-50)% Occult Damage
(15-25) Wisdom
(15-25)% Occult Resistance Score

Voidforged Endeavour is a unique Accessory in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Accessories can give your characters a wide range of bonuses from Occult Damage, Resistance Scores, and Rage Generation, etc. Characters can equip two rings, one amulet and one belt at the same time.



Voidforging is a perilous gamble. A demonologist will draw ritual circles before creating a bridge to the Abyss and allowing a single demon to enter the mortal world. They’ll collect a small quantity of Abyssal residue from the entity’s bound body and swiftly cast the creature back into the Abyss. Voidforged items can be dangerous, especially with long-term use, but their unique magical properties make them invaluable.



Voidforged Endeavour Information

  • Price: 
  • ??



Voidforged Endeavour Location/Acquire

  • ??





High Potency Neural Cord  ♦  Lex Filianis  ♦  Maelström  ♦  Mark of the Blackstaff  ♦  O'Maley's Lucky Belt  ♦  Paradox  ♦  Sagarnäris  ♦  Sani's Stash  ♦  Seal of the Arbiter  ♦  Searing Reverie  ♦  Seven Sisters' Pact  ♦  Shadowcall  ♦  The Trial  ♦  Thirst  ♦  Three Crowns Brooch


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