Armor in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem consist of six types: Helmets, Chest Pieces, Spaulders, Gauntlets, Pants, and Boots.

Each armor piece has different qualities, from common, rare to unique. In order to equip certain pieces of armor, your character needs to reach it's required level.


All Unique Armor in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem


Unique Helmets




All Resistances Scores


  318 Force Shield

(20-25)% Freeze Chance Score when dealing Frost Damage

(20-25)% Critical Chance Score when dealing Lightning Damage

(20-30)% Fire Damage

(10-20)% Elemental Spell Cost decrease

(20-40) Wisdom

Morbid Retribution
191 127 Force Shield

(15-20) Attack Speed Score

(30-40)% Ailment Damage

(15-20)% Attack Critical Chance Score

(20-30) Ferocity

(250-300) Health on this item


When an enemy is afflicted with 5 Stacks of Curse, Bulwark of Dawn is Cast on their location, provide Healing in an area-of-effect for you and your allies

When an Enemy is afflicted with 5 Stacks of Weakness, an area-of-effect that deals Shadow Damage is Cast on their location

(20-25)% Curse Chance Score when dealing Shadow Damage

(20-25)% Weakness Chance Score on Sacred Damage

(250-350) Health on this item

(70-100) All Resistances Score on this item

(250-350) Force Shield

James's Tall Tale
191 127 Force Shield

Melee Damage benefits from 30% of Buffs to Projectiles

(15-25)% All Projectiles Damage

(50-80)% Health on this item

(50-80)% Force Shield on this item

(15-25) Agility

238 22

(10-20) Rage Generation on Kill

(1-2)% Life Leech on Bleeding Target

(50-100)% Health on this item

(20-30)% Critical Damage

(15-25) Ferocity

Vigilance: Scorched Ravine
68 45 Force Shield

(5-10)% Movement Speed

(15-20) Attack Speed Score

(15-20) Spell Casting Speed Score

(250-350) Health on this item

250 Force Shield on this item

(25-30)% Stamina Regeneration Rate decrease

(20-40) Passive Dodge Chance Score

Autarchic Secret
111 10

(50-60) All Resistances Score on this item

(400-600) Health on this item

(20-40)% Material Damage

(-40--20)% Elemental Damage

(-40--20)% Occult Damage

(30-50) Attack Speed Score


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