Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Active Skills refers to Character Progression by unlocking active abilities in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Players are given the freedom to use any skills, however, skills are restricted to 3 attack types that correspond to the weapon you use. Melee, Ranged and Spell. This page covers a full list of all the Active Skills that are available in the game.

Acquiring Active Skills

Actives Skills can be acquired by using Enneracts. Ennearcts are a type of Item that can be consumed to learn new Active Skills. They can be acquired as loot from monsters or chests or purchased from the Archivist for gold. If the player already knows the active skill and consumes the Enneract, it will acquire Primordial Affinity Points instead. The amount of Affinity Points gained depends on how the Enneract was acquired. If it was looted it will provide 100 Primordial Affinity Points and if it was purcahsed it will only provide 10 Affinity Points.

Using Skills

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem gives classless freedom to creating and optimizing your character, including the active skills that you use in battle. Players use multiple skills from 2 different attack types at the same time, giving you ultimate build freedom for battle - you can create a Range/Spell build,  a Melee/Spell, or a Melee/Range hybrid, and more.


Active Skills Proficiency

Skills can be leveled up by using them in battle. Skill usage improves both level and potency, as well as unlocking skill modifiers for the specific skill. Not only does the active skill increases its potency, but acquiring a skill modifier and attaching it will even change the skill's statistics and behavior whenever it is used. In addition, you can also level up your skills by using Primordial Affinity. To use Primordial Affinity,  look for Demetra who sells Enneract and use it to obtain PA. Enneract is obtained from looting defeated enemies and can also be purchased for 2000 coins per skill.


All Active Skill in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem




See Builds for Wolcen Builds for all styles!



Melee Skills

Anvil's Woe

Summon a colossal hammer and bring it down on your foes, dealing area damage.



Summon an enormous greatsword and cut a path through hordes of enemies, spinning to maintain momentum.


Bleeding Edge

Throw a spinning axe in a circle around you. damaging and making those affected bleed.


Blood for Blood

Cast a damaging area of effect on the ground. Does more Rend damage the lower the caster's health is.


Flight of Gaavanir

Cast a flying hammer in the direction of the cursor, damaging enemies along its path. Hammer returns when cast again.



Summon a shield that absorbs damage. The shield breaks at a damage threshold, damaging nearby enemies. If the shield is re-cast, it explodes, dealing increased damage.


Sovereign Shout

Unleash a powerful warcry which buffs attack speed and cast speed by 25% for yourself and nearby allies.



Summon a mighty shield and charge through your enemies, breaking their ranks.


Wings of Ishmir

Summon a giant spear and leap onto your enemies, damaging them.


Wrath of Baäpheth

Summon a pair of unbreakable chains and unleash a flurry of reckless lashes.

Tracker's Reach

Throw a chained hook forward and pull back all the foes it went through.


Dagger, Bow, Pistol Skills

Avenger Autoturret

Summon a Deviceanial turret to provide covering fire. Can be detached and wielded by holding the skill.


Deathgazer Railgun

Charge a powerful sniper shot that damages in an area of effect. AS the shot is charged, the area of effect narrows and the damage of the shot increases.



Drop a shadow cloud on the ground that grants invisibility and reduces Threat.




Dash in the opposite direction of the cursor and drop a projectile where the skill was activated that slows enemies in an area of effect.


Gunslinger's Brand

Channel multiple shots and select targets by hovering over or clicking them. Shots are released when channelling stops or maximum number of shots is reached.


Havoc Orb

Target an area and launch an exploding device, dealing fire damage in an area of effect.


Mark of Impurity

Curses a target, increasing the damage it receives.


Phantom Blades

Throw a spinning dual-blade in a line in front of you that damages enemies caught in its path.


Slayer's Flurry

Summon two blades and dash forward to the target, dealing single target damage. Does not dash if used in melee range.


Stings of Krearion

Summon an imposing bow and launch several piercing arrows at once.


Wailing Arrows

Let loose a volley of arrows in a circular area that damages enemies over time.


Staff and Catalyst Skills

Aether Jump

Jump through the Aether to teleport to another position.



Channel a beam of Aether in front of you, damaging your foes. Turn speed while casting is increased proportionally to cast speed.


Arctic Spear

After a delay, hurl an ice shard in a line.


Bulwark of Dawn

Bless an area around you with the light of dawn. It heals those who stand in it over time.


Consuming Embers

Summon  a fireball and launch it in a straight line in front of you.


Feeding Swarm

Summon a zombie that deals damage with melee attacks. If the number of zombies is at a maximum, they charge towards the location of the cursor.


Infinity Blades

Attack enemies multiple times in a combo, giving Willpower with each enemy hit.



Charge a sacred spell that deals damage in an area of effect and teleports your character. At each new charging step, the area of effect and the damage are increased.


Livor Mortis

Summon a large Poison golem that cleaves enemies. If skill is cast again, golem shouts a warcry that generates Threat.



Channel a ray on a target that leeches their health until they become possessed. Once possessed, the target's health is restored.



Cast an area of effect that causes enemies or summons to explode upon death. When they explode, an area of effect is left behind, dealing Poison damage.



Channel a damaging area of effect from the sky that follows the cursor.


Tear of Etheliel

A mass of ice forms above your enemies. After a short delay, it falls from the sky for huge damage.



Electrocute your foes with bouncing lighting. Each bounce is weaker than the last.


Winter's Grasp

An ice nova emanates around you and freezes your enemies.



Cast a vortex that has two area of effects. The first, smaller areas deal damage over time, and after a short time the larger one pulls enemies into the center.


Hunting Swarm

Summon a zombie that deals damage with ranged attacks. If the number of zombies is at a maximum, they focus fire on the target underneath the cursor.


Cast a cone of Shadow force that knocks back enemies and destroys projectiles.


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