Accessories in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem are categorized in three different types: Amulets, Rings and Belts. Each Accessory can be equipped on their respective equipment slot, being 1 for the Amulet, 1 for the Belt and 2 for the Rings. Accessories provide with random modifiers that helps players by increasing their stats.

Accessories can be obtained as Enemy or Boss drops, inside chests/crates that the player can open around the world and dungeons, they can be purchased from Merchants, and can be Crafted by using various Crafting Materials.


All Accessories in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem



Unique Amulets




Three Crowns Brooch

(10-15)% Movement Speed
(15-20)% Passive Dodge Chance Score
(25-30)% Stamina Regeneration Rate decrease
(15-20) Agility

Mark of the Blackstaff

Basic Attacks with Staves are considered as Spells
(20-25)% Spell Damage
(-15--20) Wisdom
(600-700) Force Shield

Lex Filianis

(10-25) Wisdom
(30-40)% Burn Chance Score when dealing Fire Damage
(400-600) Maximum Health
5% Life Leech from Fire Damage
5% Damage from Burning Enemies
5% Damage against Burning Enemies

High Potency Neural Cord

(10-25) Agility
(40-44)% Physical Damage converted into Lightning Damage
(20-40)% Lightning Damage
(200-400) Force Shield
(15-20)% Attack Critical Chance Score
(15-20)% Passive Dodge Chance Score
(15-20)% Lightning Damage Leeched as Force Shield

Searing Reverie

(10-25) Toughness
(15-25)% Healing received from Spells
(15-25)% Sacred Damage
(200-400) Force Shield
25% to All Resistances Score
25 Max Willpower and Rage


(-20--25)% Maximum Health
(50-60)% Spell Damage
(15-25) Wisdom
(10-15)% Spell Casting Speed

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