The Bane of the Storm

Recommended Level ???
Quest Type Main Quest


Svriir Cave Network 1

Tributes Chamber

Svriir Cave Network 2

Reward/s ???
Prev. Quest: Unexpected Saviors
Next Quest: Meet the Purifiers

The Bane of the Storm is a Main Quest in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Quests are various tasks that players can be obtain throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. Main Quests are manadatory to finish Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem and unlock the Champion of Stormfall endgame mechanic.



Related NPCs



1. Talk to Mohabi, the Merchant
2. Talk to Demetra, the Archivist
3. Reach into the Farmsteads
4. Listen to the Surroundings
5. Talk to Thunderblade Fäarad
6. Reach Sandor's Camp
7. Talk to the Stormfall Guard
8. Cutscene
9. Push Back the Assault from the North
10. Kill the Tunnelers
11. Resist the Spitter Attack
12. Hold the Svriir Tide
13. Face the Alpha
14. Talk to Thunderblade Sandor
15. Find the Entrance to the Svriir Cave Network
16. Reach the Svriir Cave Network
17. Find the Entrance to the next level of the Svriir Cave Network
18. Go deeper into the Svriir Cave Network
19. Find the Den
20. Reach the Den
21: Dethrone the Beast
22. Slay Sirkis
23. Report to Thunderblade Fäarad in Stormfall using your Town Portal
24. Reach the Palace
25. Reach the Throne
26. Listen to the Surroundings
27. Talk to Merchant-Prince Damaskus




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Notes & Tips

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