Trophy & Achievement Guide for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem provides tips on how to achieve platinum or 100% the game. These achievements are obtained if certain criteria are met via PC.


Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Trophy & Achievement Guide

  • Time to Platinum: x hours
  • Platinum Difficult: x/10
  • Playthroughs Required: x


Achievement Name & Icon Acquisition

childrens-trial-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Children's Trial

Complete the first act.

aberration-purified-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Aberration Purified

Complete the second act

into-the-fury-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Into the Fury

Complete the third act.

sink-or-swim-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Sink or Swim

Complete the first act without dying.

proven-initiate-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Proven Initiate

Reach Level 30.

seasoned-fighter-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Seasoned Fighter

Reach Level 60.

death-marching-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Death Marching

Reach Level 90.

well-supplied-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Well Supplied

Unlock all tabs in your personal chest.

new-mythologies-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide New Mythologies

Fully level a single skill.

closer-to-genesis-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Closer to Genesis

Loot your first legendary item.

neophyte-collector-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Neophyte Collector

Loot your first unique item.

whispers-in-the-concordat-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Whispers in the Concordat

Reach Level 30 without dying.

nightmares-in-the-republic-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Nightmares in the Republic

Reach Level 60 without dying.

monolithic-myth-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Monolithic Myth

Reach Level 90 without dying.

back-to-basics-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Back to Basics

Duplicate your first skill.

our-makers-and-killers-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Our Makers and Killers

Unlock 40 Skills.

wolswag-lords-of-fashion-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Wolswag: Lords of Fashion

Tint every single armour piece in your inventory.

upscale-darling-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Upscale Darling

Skin every single element of your inventory.

counterpurge-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Counterpurge

Reach the maximum rank in Wrath of Sarisel.

dawns-healing-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Dawn's Healing

Revive a KO'd player in your group.

gilded-extravagance-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Gilded Extravagance

Fully equip with only legendary items.

warming-up-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Warming Up

Defeat 500 Underling tier enemies with one character.

bloodslick-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Bloodslick

Defeat 5,000 Underling tier enemies with one character.

acts-of-misery-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Acts of Misery

Defeat 100,000 Underling tier enemies with one character.

punishment-itself-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Punishment Itself

Defeat 100 Specialist tier enemies with one character.

throatslitter-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Throatslitter

Defeat 1,000 Specialist tier enemies with one character.

our-favourite-butcher-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Our Favourite Butcher

Defeat 5,000 Specialist tier enemies with one character.

executioner-amongs-executioners-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Executioner Among Executioners

Defeat 20,000 Specialist tier enemies with one character.

so-said-the-prince-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide So Said the Prince

Defeat 20 Champion tier enemies with one character.

as-plague-walks-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide As Plague Walks

Defeat 200 Champion tier enemies with one character.

there-follows-death-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide There Follows Death

Defeat 1,000 Champion tier enemies with one character.

who-salts-the-earth-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Who Salts the Earth

Defeat 4,000 Champion tier enemies with one character.

stable-funds-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Stable Funds

Pick up 50,000 Gold with one character

second-mansion-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Second Mansion

Pick up a million gold with one character.

every-jewel-in-the-concordat-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Every Jewel in the Concordat

Pick up 50 million gold with one character.

my-guillotines-itchy-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide My Guillotine's Itchy

Pick up 400 million gold with one character.

pomp-and-circumstance-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Pomp and Circumstance

Defeat the Justicar in battle.

sins-of-the-flesh-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Sins of the Flesh

Defeat the Lambach in battle.

senseless-relapse-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Senseless Relapse

Defeat the Heimlock in battle.

vaultmarcher-regicide-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Vaultmarcher Regicide

Defeat Queen Amadalah in battle.

shoot-the-caster-firstachievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Shoot the Caster First

Defeat Mistshaper Malikia in battle.

living-ram-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Living Ram

Defeat Big Bertha in battle.

renovations-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Renovations

Construct your first building in Champion of Stormfall.

city-planner-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide City Planner

Construct 5 buildings in Champion of Stormfall.

golden-regency-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Golden Regency

Construct 10 buildings in Champion of Stormfall.

princely-patronage-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Princely Patronage

Rebuild the Cartographical Archives, the Salt Baths of Stormfall, the Refuge For the Blind, and the entire Primordial Institute in Champion of Stormfall mode.

low-level-management-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Low Level Management

Complete your first mission in Champion of Stormfall.

maritime-commerce-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Maritime Commerce

Complete 10 missions in Champion of Stormfall.

portuary-command-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Portuary Command

Complete 50 missions in Champion of Stormfall.

imperial-pretence-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Imperial Pretence

Complete 200 missions in Champion of Stormfall.

statecraft-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Statecraft

Finish your first expedition in Champion of Stormfall.

execusioneer-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Excursioneer

Beat a level 70 dungeon in Champion of Stormfall.

pathfinder-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Pathfinder

Beat a level 90 dungeon in Champion of Stormfall.

republican-conquest-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Republican Conquest

Beat a level 100 dungeon in Champion of Stormfall.

primordial-excavations-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Primordial Excavations

Beat a dungeon in Champion of Stormfall with at least one map modifier.

total-ascension-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Total Ascension

Unlock all Apocalyptic Forms.

artificer-of-raw-magic-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Artificer of Raw Magic

Consume 3 gems on an item while crafting.

voidcrafting-arcanist-achievement-icon-wolcen-wiki-guide Voidcrafting Arcanist

Consume 3 top quality gems on an item while crafting.



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