Cell-F Ramparts

Region Exiles Septentrional Wasteland

Cell-F Ramparts is a Location in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. The Republican forces who built the Crimson Keep had another goal in mind at first. They had encountered the Monolith, a strange construct which seemed to emanate the power of Fury. They tested all manner of conventional weapons against it, but faced with the failure of this method, chose to quarantine the item.


 Cell-F Ramparts Information

  • Boss: ??
  • Notable items: ??
  • Secrets: ??
  • Merchants: ??


NPCs at Cell-F Ramparts

  • ??


Quests related to Cell-F Ramparts

  • ??


Cell-F Ramparts Map



Cell-F Ramparts Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Other notes...






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