Flesh Forest

Region Galathä Vales

Flesh Forest is a Location in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. The fleshy foliage is thick here, the organic corruption almost fully complete; pools of tainted water, fruit that bleeds to the touch. A once-busy thoroughfare that connects Cordanon to the rest of the continent now Lies unused, covered in a layer of dust.

"It was a normal journey, we didn't even notice that the leaves were bleeding. My dog started barking, then a tendril came out of nowhere and tried to wrap around my ankle. Cordanon is my biggest market, but I'm not putting my neck out for a sale."

Olyffe Theobor, Traveling Merchant


 Flesh Forest Information

  • Boss: ??
  • Notable items: ??
  • Secrets: ??
  • Merchants: ??


NPCs at Flesh Forest

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Quests related to Flesh Forest

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Flesh Forest Map



Flesh Forest Notes & Tips

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