Stormfall Institute (Main)

Project Requirements: ???
Total Costs: ?? Gold
?? Productivity Pts.
?? Primordial Affinity

Stormfall Institute (Main) is a Building in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Buildings are only available once the Champion of Stormfall endgame mode has been unlocked, this can be done by completing all three acts of Wolcen's campaign. Constructing and completing projects for a building allows a player to unlock new gameplay features such as a fifth skill slot, more personal stash tabs, the final Aspect of Apocalypse, and many more.


Stormfall Institute (Main) Information

The Main Exhibition was the Institute’s pride and joy, attracting scientists and researchers from all over the continent. When it was destroyed, many of the prized artifacts on display were ruined beyond recovery. However, with the discovery of Anankis, the Institute should have no shortage of curiosities to display to the public.

Renovations are ready to be carried out on the Institute’s main building, the old home for its largest exhibition. For your scientists, it is really important that the main building be a testament to the Institute's prestige as a research institution. To that end, they recommend a prolonged expedition into Anankis, with the goal of uncovering the most beautiful and mesmerising examples of Primordial technology for the Insitute's Exhibition Hall.

Renovations on the Institute’s Main Exhibition have been completed. The expedition into Anankis was able to find plenty of Primordial power sources for the scientists to pour their minds over. There was something else as well, a metal tablet, symbols inscribed over its surface. No one knew what they meant, or had the means of deciphering them... But you, did you remember seeing such a thing before? It was a marvel to behold, and when your eyes dwelt on its symbols, a wave of energy swelled in your mind and body, and you had the sense that your Ascended ancestors were by your side, imbuing you with their strength.



Stormfall Institute (Main) Projects

  • Renovate Institute (Main)
    • Outcomes:
      • Your Primordial Essence meter will be permanently increased.



Stormfall Institute (Main) Upgrades

  • n/a



Stormfall Institute (Main) Notes & Tips

  • Players will need to complete a turn for it to be added to the project's Productivity. In order to complete a turn, a player will need to successfully complete an Activity such as Mandates or Expeditions, the harder the challenge, the more Productivity will be added to the active Project. If the player fails to complete the activity, the Turn will not pass.
  • To check an activity, go to the Mandates Board or the Expeditions Map and select an Activity to participate in. The board and map are next to Thunderblade Zalahir.




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